The Parkour Northwest Gathering (formerly the PKV Classic) draws practitioners from around the region for a four-day event of learning, training, exploring, and meeting people. This year, the event is jointly hosted by various Seattle-area organizations and communities. Join us and train at some iconic spots around Seattle, as well as local gyms.

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Schedule Overview

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Thursday, August 29

11am-evening: Training at Whatcom Falls Park with Evolve Move Play (Bellingham, WA)

Join us for an adventure on the natural side of parkour, we will be exploring the boulder, fallen logs, cliffs and pools of whatcom falls park, one of the world's foremost natural parkour locations. If you love not just parkour but adventure in nature, this is the event for you. Come vault over logs, wall run along rock faces, and dive off cliffs with us.


  • 11am: Leave Seattle from Green Lake Park and Ride (rides available; see below)
  • 1:30pm: Arrive at Whatcom Falls Park and begin training
  • 6pm: Dinner nearby at Fiamma Burger


  • If you would like a ride from Green Lake Park and Ride, contact Rafe (360-441-5092) to reserve a spot.
  • If you need a ride to the Green Lake Park and Ride, meet at 10am at Old Rainier Brewery. Please contact Curt (206-861-9937) to reserve a spot.
  • Event will include about 4 hours of hiking, swimming, cliff diving, and tree running.
  • Please bring water, snacks, a swimsuit, and a towel. If you forget anything, there’s a grocery store near the park.
  • This event is appropriate for ages 11+ (kids must have a parent with them).

Friday, August 30

4pm: Friday Jumps at Epstein Opportunity Center (Seattle, WA)

Every Friday, the Seattle parkour community comes together for an open jam. This week, we will train at "Rail Mountain," a 4-block long hill climb next to a housing development. Please be respectful of the residents and the environment. At Friday Jumps events, we aim for a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

8pm: Meet & Greet at MoveFree Academy (Redmond, WA)

Come and get to know our community! Free to the public and all skill levels. All ages are invited; however, to participate in open gym students must be 12+ and have a waiver completed.

Click here to register for the Meet & Greet (pre-register to save time at the door!)

Saturday, August 31

9am: Warm up and Intro to Parkour workshop at Freeway Park (Seattle, WA)

Led by Curt from Kong Academy. Welcome everyone! We want to make sure you all stay safe for a full day and weekend of activity and adventure so a proper warm up is crucial, But that doesn't mean warm ups have to be boring. Come learn parkour basics, play games, and make new friends. Let’s get ready to move! Meet at the Lower Fountain.

10:30-noon: Workshops at Freeway Park (Seattle, WA)

Jumping & Landing... Safely: Taught by Curt from Kong Academy. This workshop will teach, guide, and refine different landing postures and jumping techniques to help keep our jumpers safe for a day at Freeway Park. All ages and abilities are welcome. Meet at Lower Fountain.

Cats, Climb-ups, and Top-outs: Taught by Adam from Dynasty Fitness. Learn the process for climbing up and over a wall with strength based drills to reinforce technique and build muscle memory for clean and smooth cats, climb-ups and top outs. Meet at the south side of the Lower Fountain.

Flowshop: Taught by Cordelia from Parkour Visions. Come play some movement improv games that help you get out of your analytical head and into your body! Play with rolling, kicking, cartwheels, and connective movements over and under obstacles. Appropriate for absolute beginners who want something low impact and experienced practitioners who want to smooth out their transitions. Meet at the Lower Fountain and walk to the North Fountain for the workshop.

12-1:30pm: Lunch

2-5pm: Warm up, open jam, women & NB meetup, and kids' class at Freeway Park (Seattle, WA)

2-5pm Open jam: Come together to train together! Freeway is awesome for parkour, but please be aware and respectful of people using the park for other reasons. Meet at lower fountain, but as the jam goes on, spread to other sections of the park. Meet back at lower fountain at 4:30pm if you need a ride to Dynasty Fitness.

2:15-3:15pm Women & NB meetup: Connect with other women and non-binary people in this partly guided, partly free-form hour. We’ll warm up, play around, and find challenges to work on together. If you’ve never tried parkour, we suggest taking the Intro to Parkour Workshop at 9am. Meet at the Lower Fountain.

2-3pm Gibbons and Chimpanzees! Kids' Class: Taught by Curt from Kong Academy. Open to kids age 3-10 of all abilities. Learn, practice, and refine parkour movements together. We will be vaulting, jumping and rolling all over the place. Come drop off you child and feel free to join another meetup group, just don't forget to come back please. Meet at Lower Fountain.

6pm: Dinner and Challenge Night at Dynasty Fitness (Issaquah, WA)

Food and challenges at Dynasty Fitness. (Please bring your own food if you have special dietary needs.) For attendees staying at the gym, bring your overnight essentials. Quiet hours will start at 11pm.

Sunday, September 1

9am: Warm up and Intro to Parkour workshop at Gas Works Park (Seattle, WA)

Led by Ian and Eric. In this beginner’s introduction to parkour we will teach you the basics of vaults, quadrupedal movement, and rolls. These skills will enable you to navigate your environment in new and exciting ways! Meet at the playground/rail ramp.

10:30-noon: Workshops at Gas Works Park (Seattle, WA)

Ukemi: Rolls, Bails, and Recoveries: Taught by Adam from Dynasty Fitness. Want to try some new skills but are afraid to fall? Let's work on falls, rolls, and bails to help you gain confidence in more technical challenges. We will work on how to fall and bail to maximize bio-mechanical efficiency and reduce injury. Meet at the grassy area between the playground at the water.

Alive Parkour: Taught by Rafe from Evolve Move Play. Can a parkour athlete also have the open skill abilities, reactivity, toughness, and hand eye coordination of team sport and combat sport athletes? How do we build effective progressions to create true adaptive movement capacity, by adding games of chase, evasion, catching, and throwing to our parkour practice? Meet in the trees behind the restrooms.

Building Comfort in Basics: Taught by Bergan and Rami from MoveFree Academy. A solid physical and mental foundation is necessary for building more proficiency in advanced movement and a comfort in improvisation. This workshop will identify areas in your own movement that either involve more effort than needed, or lack of speed (if that's a specific focus for you) as well as identifying and putting into action strategies to help improve movement fluidity and efficiency. Meet at the tables by the bathroom.

12-1:30pm: Lunch

2-5pm: Warm up, open jam, and games at Gas Works Park (Seattle, WA)

2-5pm Open jam: Be respectful of each other and the environment! Stay safe!

2:15-4:30pm Angels of Retaliation: Game hosted by Kong Academy. The hidden 13th constellation Ophiuchus was keeping serpentarius from devouring the universe, but through deception his stars have been scattered across the 12 constellations and that giant star snake is on his way! Earn a star through trials of strength, wit, and determination from each constellation to rebuild Ophiuchus and bring back balance to the celestials before it’s too late. Also there's a giant slip and slide. Meet on Kite Hill.

Small groups required: no more than 6 per group (to play the adventure). 2 hours of gameplay to complete the adventure.

Feel free to engage at stations without completing the full quest but please yield for players who are trying to complete the mission to go first.

6pm: Dinner on the beach at Golden Gardens (Seattle, WA)

Join us on the beach after a long weekend of training. Play on slacklines, relax in hammocks, and stuff your face with food. (Snacks provied--please bring your own if you have special dietary needs.) We’ll also set up some bars to play on for those who aren’t tired yet. Meet in the trees north of the bathhouse, near the playground.


Whatcom Falls Park

1401 Electric Ave, Bellingham, WA 98229

Adventure through the natural environment at Whatcom Falls, where miles of trails wind through beautiful meadows and deep forest. Flow over the organic terrain of this gorgeous environment to reconnect with nature and your body. Prepare for the playful sport of cliff diving and the unique experience of waterfall climbing along the way.

"Rail Mountain" (Epstein Opportunity Center)

120 8th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104

About a mile southeast of Pike Place Market, train with us in this urban environment with lots of rails, ledges, and gaps. Meet at Epstein Opportunity Center and explore a small part of Seattle with the support of your fellow friendly traceurs of all skill levels. It’s also near the International District which has some good cheap eats to refill our bellies.

Movefree Academy

14787 NE 95th St, Redmond, WA 98052

GPS will not work if using our address. Alternatively you can search Black Raven Brewery and follow the directions below:

From Willows Road turn onto NE 95th St, then enter the first driveway on the right (Quad 95). We share the same driveway as Black Raven Brewery; drive straight along side their building, we are located towards the back in the second parking lot.

Freeway Park

700 Seneca St, Seattle, WA 98101

Freeway Park is Seattle’s largest downtown public space to date and an amazing place to train parkour. You will find various skills to practice and challenges to tackle in this modernist masterpiece. Meet at the lower fountain, near 6th and Seneca (labeled Seneca Plaza on Google Maps) and adventure through this concrete maze of endless possibilities.

Dynasty Fitness

8174 304th Ave SE, Issaquah, WA 98027

Gasworks Park

2101 N Northlake Way, Seattle, WA 98103

This former coal gasification plant found a curious second life as a popular public park. Its various industrial structures provide many unique opportunities for traceurs. The tall machinery and plethora of pipe lines create a perfect spot for a variety of challenges. Meet at the covered area near the bathrooms.

Golden Gardens

8498 Seaview Pl NW, Seattle, WA 98117

Named and developed in the early 1900’s, this park meets the welcoming waters of Puget Sound and gives a gorgeous view of the Olympic mountains. Here, we plan to set up slacklines and hammocks amongst the trees as well as a rail cage in the sand to create a fun mixture of surfaces to jump on.


Click here to REQUEST or OFFER housing!

Overnight gym stays are available Thursday through Monday nights at either MoveFree Academy in Redmond or Dynasty Fitness in Issaquah. Minors staying overnight require either a parent or adult chaperone depending on age (see housing form for details).

Please fill out our Housing Request Form by July 7 to guarantee housing. After that, housing will be assigned on a rolling basis.

About MoveFree Academy:

Located in Redmond, WA, about a 30-minute drive from Seattle. MoveFree is operating a charter bus to and from jam locations on Saturday and Sunday. Bring your sleeping bag! The sleeping space is traditional parkour gym surfaces like rubber flooring, panel mats, and an AirTrack. There are two single-stall bathrooms and one shower (bring your own towel). Nearby food includes the Bella Botega shopping center, about a 20-minute walk away. No refrigerator space available.

Allergens present: dogs

Cash donation: $5 per night per attendee

About Dynasty Fitness:

Located in Issaquah, WA, about a 30-minute drive from Seattle. No public transportation is available to/from Dynasty, but we will help coordinate rideshare. Bring your sleeping bag! The sleeping space is traditional parkour gym surfaces like rubber flooring, panel mats, and an AirTrack. Dynasty has two bathrooms with multiple stalls and sinks. No showers available. For food, there is a gas station/country store and a Subway across the street. There are grocery stores and other restaurants along I-90 one exit in either direction. No refrigerator space available.

Cash donation: $5 per night per attendee


From Airport:

Taking the Link (Light Rail) from Seattle Tacoma International Airport (SeaTac) to downtown Seattle takes about 40 minutes and costs $3.25. There’s a train departing at least every 15 min.

Within Seattle:

Public transport within the city is decent. Taking the Link (Light Rail) within the city costs $2.25. Buses costs $2.75 per ride. OneBusAway is a great app for tracking link/bus ETAs realtime. Search for transit directions using Google Maps.

To Gyms:

There is no public transit to Dynasty Fitness. MoveFree Academy is operating a charter bus to/from jam locations on Saturday and Sunday for people staying at that gym. There are public buses between Seattle and MoveFree, but require a one mile walk to the bus stop from MoveFree.


There will be rideshare options available. Stay tuned!


Individual Sponsors:

  • Eric Jusino

  • Adam Truesdell

  • Dustin

  • Journey Parkour

If you would like to become a sponsor, please make a donation!


Where can I RSVP to the Facebook event?

RSVP on Facebook here! Please share the event and invite your friends.

Is PNWG a kid-friendly event?

PNWG welcomes youth ages 3-10 to join us Saturday afternoon for our Gibbons and Chimpanzees class that will include soft foam blocks to jump and climb on. For all other participation in the gathering youth under 15 must be accompanied by a parent.

Is PNWG a beginner-friendly event?

Yes! We have beginner introductory classes 9 am on both Saturday and Sunday immediately after the warm-up. PNWG is also a great opportunity to learn and meet others with similar skill levels.

Are you offering housing?

If you are interested in housing please fill out our housing form, located here. We will do our best to accommodate your needs! For more information, see our Housing section.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by credit card and Paypal through our donation system, Donorbox. Register on our website and reserve your shirt before the event!

Are pets allowed?

We at PNWG would be grateful if pets visited only briefly as some of our members may have strong allergic reactions to our furry friends.

Is there an age limit or are there ID requirements to enter the event?

ID will not be checked at the event except to distribute shirts to those who purchased them. Otherwise we encourage practitioners under 15 to have a parent present at all times.

What should I bring/wear?

Bring your water bottle, snacks, and movement oriented clothing! We expect to be doing a lot of jumping and climbing on things.

What if it rains?

Seattle is usually dry at the end of August. However, in the unlikely event of wet weather, stay low and go slow! Parkour doesn’t stop when it rains but we all practice safely. Most likely groups will gravitate to covered areas or more flow-focused movements.

Are cameras allowed?

Yes! We ask that if you are photographing individuals you seek permission first and respect any wishes to not be photographed or filmed. Otherwise we encourage you to take lots of videos and tag them all with #pnwg and #parkournorthwestgathering

How can I volunteer?

Please fill out this form and we will get back to you if we need help. Otherwise donations are always welcome!

Will you accommodate food allergies, vegetarian or other diets?

If you have food allergies or other dietary needs we ask that you provide your own meals and snacks as PNWG will be providing limited snacks and pizza for only a couple of our events.

Can we drink alcohol at the event?

The consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants during the event is strictly prohibited. PNWG is a family friendly event, and performing high-intensity movement while intoxicated is dangerous to the health or both yourself and other participants.

Who do I contact if I have further questions about the event?

You can either leave a comment on the Facebook event or get in touch with one of our Gathering coordinators at ian@kongacademy.org and he will strive to answer any questions you might have!